Video walls are all a rage for event organizers in the modern world because of a variety of reasons. The primary reason why event organizers run after video walls for their events is simply the fact that it allows them greater visibility amongst the people who are present at the event. When this benefit of using video walls is supplemented with the fact that the technology is fast becoming very affordable, it can be seen why most event organizers nowadays have video walls at their events. This includes all kinds of events like concerts, functions and even professional meetings and addresses. If you are also looking to set up a video wall at some event that you are organizing, then you would do well to find a provider who is of high quality. The following are some things you should look for from your provider.

1.  You should try to find a provider who uses individual screen units or ultra thin bezels The bezel is the strip of solid material surrounding any screen, whether it is a television or a monitor. When it comes to setting up a video wall, the thicker the bezel is the more gaps there will be between different individual units even if they have been configured. This gap between individual screens in a video wall is known as a million and should be kept to a minimum for greater clarity. Effectively, you should ensure that your video wall provider uses individual screens of, particularly thin bezels.

2.  Ideally, video walls should have the capability to be functional throughout the day– Irrespective of how you foresee the frequency of the use of your video wall, you should make sure that you keep your video wall on throughout the day because, in most cases, the frequency of use of a video wall and the time that it is kept on increases over years. This is true especially if you need the video wall in a location which will be permanent like a board room. This means that the video wall setting that you get in the end should have thermal management features which would allow it to stay on 24, 7 for a minimum of 5 years.

3.  The best way to get video walls installed is with turnkey solutions Turnkey solutions can best be described as solutions that stretch from one end to another. This means that, after the initial meeting where you will describe your needs to the video wall provider, you will not have to do anything. The video wall turnkey solution provider will take care of everything including things like video wall configurations, video wall controllers, onsite installation and even post installation services.

If you find a video wall provider who can provide you with the kind of services listed above, then you should not hesitate and immediately sanction the work from him, especially if all these services are available at competitive prices. This way, you would receive the best quality video wall that would last for a significant amount of time.