Looking for an entry-level triple screen display with the advantage of a crisp, clear digital signal for your computer? Of course, you are! The CineMassive Trio 17D is what you want. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you’re doing. With the CineMassive Trio 17D, you’ll get all of the flexibility you need to utilize your system to the fullness of its potential. Many people who use a triple screen display for the first time feel as if they now have two brains! CineMassive customers have quite often told the company that if they had to go back to working with just one screen they would be working with one eye closed or one hand tied behind my back.

What the Trio does is expand the size of your computer workspace while at once giving you a convenient and intuitive method of organizing multiple resources applications. With the natural partition between the three panels of the Trio, you will be able to quickly and easily organize your desktop workspace into parallel processes that are instantly accessible. Computers were designed to enable people to run more applications at the same time. Well, a multi-screen display upgrade enables you to actually see and use your multiple simultaneous tasks without the need for juggling back and forth between stacked application windows. The partitions between each panel of CineMassive Trio triple screen display don’t lie directly in the middle of your line of site, either. Instead, with a Trio you’ll have the benefit of the direct sight of pixels in all direction. What’s more, the three-panel array lets you distinguish the center panel as a large focal point canvas with complementary supporting resources and secondary processes on either side.

But wait! There’s even more! You also get the CineMassive Multi-Monitor Software Suite, which is made up of CineMastery and CineMatrix and is designed to enhance your Windows interface for multi-monitor use. Each one of the components in the CineMassive Multi-Monitor Software suite gives you a unique and in-depth upgrade to Windows integrated screen management functions.

What is CineMastery? Well, this is a program that enables you to quickly send applications to any screen, while also letting you establish application shortcuts for assigning a precise location and proportion for any application as it opens on your array. CineMasterys Multi-Taskbar adds more to the standard Windows taskbar for each of your arrays screens and exclusively permits that screens applications to show up on that screens taskbar.

And what is CineMatrix used for? Well, with this you’ll be able to quickly and easily organize the placement and proportion of each and every one of your open applications. With CineMatrix, you’ll be able to simply press a single hot-key and your whole array of open applications will be instantly sorted and arranged into a perfectly aligned mosaic.

The CineMassive Trio 17D is what you want in triple-screen computer technology. Don’t hesitate!